Top Things To Look For In A Luxury Watch Part 2: Medium Range Luxury | aBlogtoWatch

Just because a watch has a luminant compound applied to the hands or face, does not mean it will glow well in the dark. I’ve tested cheaper luminants that need to be directly placed in front of a very bright light source for 30 seconds to really shine at all. After that they glow in a dull manner for maybe 10 minutes at best. This is not how good luminant should work – and at $1,000 and up, you deserve a quality lume if you are getting a watch with applied luminant. Of the best luminants is SuperLumiNova. It is certainly the most popular quality luminant, but not the only one. Thus, if there is a luminant that is known to work well, but has a different name, they you are probably ok. Right underneath SuperLumiNova in terms of quality is just “LumiNova.” If the luminant has no special name like “SuperLumiNova” or something else that sounds fancy, it is probably cheap and won’t work too well. Having a good luminant compound is just step one. A watch should also have enough layers of the luminant and it should be on a large surface area. Testing a luminant is easy. It should not require bright lights to charge in, and simply cupping your hands over the watch should be enough to have the shine of the luminant pop out. So do yourself a favor and make sure you get a watch with a good luminant compound, if it has luminant at all.

Source: Top Things To Look For In A Luxury Watch Part 2: Medium Range Luxury | aBlogtoWatch


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