The Best Luxury Cars of 2016 – Bloomberg

Volvo straddles the borderline between luxury and nonluxury, but the S90 will make you forget labels altogether. It’s just a good car. Volvo has worked hard on this $46,950 sedan, giving it standard-issue, well-thought-out conveniences that make a newcomer to arguably the most boring segment—sedans—fresh and exciting. The S90 T5 trim level that I drove came with a 2.0-liter, inline-four turbocharged 250-horsepower engine (a T6 turbo and supercharged 316-hp version is available with AWD) that also achieves 34 miles per gallon at highway speeds. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission with automatic stop/start and a shifting system that adjusts to your drive style. Pilot Assist, a semiautomatic driving aid that guides the car via lane lines and works up to 80 mph, comes standard. Premium rear air suspension costs $1,200 extra—and is worth it. The interior is even better. It’s a light-drenched space with a large vertical touchscreen, brushed matte wood that encircles everyone in a warm embrace. It’s smooth and soft and suited to match the blond comfort leather and general minimalism of the cabin. Sitting in the S90 is like relaxing in a blond-wood, dry-heat sauna cabin: pure Swedish delight.

Source: The Best Luxury Cars of 2016 – Bloomberg


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