A New Cancer Treatment Has Given Terminal Patients a Second Chance at Life

In Brief Gene therapy has been shown in clinical trials to not just treat cancer, but possibly cure it. The treatments have risks — including death — so additional research is needed before they could become widely available. Could This Treatment Cure Cancer?Despite the many advances in medicine over the last century, a cure for one of the most prevalent and devastating diseases in the world today continues to evade us. But thanks to new research, that could soon change.Kite Pharma, a US pharmaceutical company, just released the groundbreaking results of their six-month gene therapy trial: terminal cancer patients in complete remission after just a single round.Crispr-Cas-9CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL INFOGRAPHICThe treatment filters a patient’s blood to remove T-cells, immune system cells that can be genetically engineered in a lab to identify cancer cells. Cancer cells thrive because of their ability to evade the immune system. This new therapy boosts immune cells so that they are able to eliminate cancer cells more effectively.Patients who participated in the trial had one of three types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The advanced stage of their conditions meant all of them were given only a few months to live. However, following the first round of gene therapy, which took place nine months after the trial began, half the patients are not only still alive, but a third of them appear to be cured.Among them is a 43- year-old named Dimas Padilla from Orlando, Florida whose cancer had stopped responding to chemotherapy. He completed the first round of the trial’s treatment last August, and his cancer is now in remission.Worth The Risk?“These results are promising and suggest that one day CAR-T cells could become a treatment option for some patients with certain types of lymphoma,” said head cancer information nurse, Martin Ledwick from the Cancer Research UK, in an interview with The Telegraph.

Source: A New Cancer Treatment Has Given Terminal Patients a Second Chance at Life


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